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By gambituk
#24402 I don't know if i'm just too tired, but can someone who has this working explain what needs to be modified in which file, and maybe an example sketch? I think like this, we can better understand and share this functionality?

Thanks in advance.

Gambituk :lol:
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By Ivaylo Hubanov
juanpintom wrote:Hi @Bygambituk, Yes, the ESP12 haves an ADC pin with 0-1v range.

I've now a domotic system using Souliss and based on Arduino Boards, but now Souliss Support ESP as native board, so I want to change every nodes of the network with ESP boards. Other option is read the CT with an Arduino and send the data to the ESP, but if I can I want to integrate the library directly over an ESP and load it via Arduino-ESP-IDE from this forum.

The Main problem is how to convert the scheme before to a 3.3v power source and a limit of 1V on Analog In, take care I use a SCT-013-000 (0-100A Output 0-50mA (1:2000)) I need to investigate what resistors are needed, just before I can start with the library integration.


I'm hitting the same situation here like you. :) My best guess is use different burden resistor... for our need it seems to be 7ohms or below instead of 18ohms
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By xose
#51768 Almost a year since the last post here. I think some of the problems reported here with the Arduino project for ESP8266 have been solved. I've been using code from the EmonLib library in NodeMCU boards from some time now without problems.

Recently I decided to put all that code in a proper library with some goals in mind:

    Customizable ADC bit count
    Customizable ADC voltage reference
    Read ADC values via callbacks

The idea is to be able to use it with a bare ESP8266 chip (1.0V reference voltage) or any derived board (some have voltage dividers in place, so reference voltage for the ADC pin is 3.3V). Or use it with an external ADC chip or module, like the ADS1115 (16bits ADC). That's the main reason for the callback thing.

You can check out the library at bitbucket and soon I'll be writing about a project using it in my blog here:

Please, let me know what you think!