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By gambituk
#17979 Hi, ok, i can see how that would be worth doing depending on the setup. i also have a setup running in the past but just using the full range of the 100A, maybe after we get this running i will experiment with lowering the range.

I have been working also using the same site (, and i made my calcualtions based on another page

This is a more simple project to just get the current calculations from the CT sensor.

I believe my calculations for the voltage divider should be correct.

Let me know when you start working on the library, i will be interested to help where i can.
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By juanpintom
#18172 I don't started yet, just searched for some info but I think it's a simpler option meassure with an ATTINY85 and Send the current meassure via serial to the ESP.

The ADC on the ESP it's 0-1v Range, so it's more accurate the attiny.

Other good option is the MCP3421 18bit ADC via I2C.

Anyway if someone is interested on integrate the library we can work on it, as I said before we only need to use the getVcc() from ESP.h instead of readVcc() from the function on the first post, and change analogRead(inPinI); with analogRead(A0); on the double EnergyMonitor::calcIrms(unsigned int Number_of_Samples) function.