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By treii28
#65610 Tom, you still around? (or someone else)

Being unfamiliar with the more obfuscated variants of C/C++, I'm trying to figure out now how i can modify the Flash.h file to inject a new 'start' address -- essentially to push the address where it begins storing the files back a bit -- so I can also store some configuration information before loading compressed files into the flash with my modified version of your code.

I see it needs to be used in the various pgm_read_* lines so worst case scenario, I'll just hard code a constant in there for the time being. But I'm wondering how I would add an offset to the _FLASH_ARRAY definition or something similar to work with your code?

Nevermind, I just realized where progmen is working and eeprom are working are two different types of memory/storage. So if I store my permanent settings in EEPROM, I guess it's not going to effect my use of the Flash.h
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By local_dani_21
#65752 Hi, thank you for your ideas and code. I put all required files for a well working server together (without the Neopixel-overhead) and set up a little site, where you can download them from. Good look with all your projects! Dani
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By local_dani_21
TomHab wrote:Hi,
nice work!

I wanted to replicate your work.
Could you provide a ZIP File containing the folder structure and the INO& header and bash files ?

Kind regards and keep up the good work


I put a ZIP-archive under

Best regards, Dani