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Re: The ESP-12E's "bottom" pins - What you need to know

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 1:33 am
by Protoncek
Well, i guess i't makes kind of sense then: if quad SPI is not used then GPIO10 becomes WP (write protect) and GPIO9 becomes HOLD. So, GPIO10 can be anything and board will still work, since when board is alive/running only reading is done from flash anyway. I guess that only downside is that it would be impossible to upgrade FW if that pin would be held low by external components.
GPIO9 is another story, using this pin would hold flash reading, making this GPIO useless without modification.
I have esp-201 board lying around, too, so i guess i'll try mentioned modification and see if it works (i use ESPHome on these modules, for use on Home Assistant), it's easier to modify it than ESP-12...