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By vanderbreye
#39832 I send my ESP-01 to deepsleep after a request.
Everything works fine, but for sleep-times > 5 Minutes, things get weird:
The ESP wakes up after 7-10 Minutes, although i defined:

Code: Select all ESP.deepSleep(86400000000, WAKE_RF_DEFAULT);

But it SHOULD sleep for 1 Day (86400*1000*1000)... :(
Could this be a problem of INT/LONG behaviour?

i tried as well
Code: Select all long microDay = 24L * 60L * 60L * 1000L * 1000L;
  ESP.deepSleep(microDay, WAKE_RF_DEFAULT);

but without success.

Is this somehow possible?
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By WereCatf
#39833 The ESP is a 32-bit processor and the maximum value for a 32-bit unsigned integer is 4294967295 or 0xffffffff, or 71 minutes. 86400000000, however, is a lot more than that and when truncated to 32-bits would result in 500654080 or 0x1DD76000, or 8 minutes.