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By NatroN
#40257 Hi,

I'm testing a with websockets and as it seems that has MUUUCH potential in the IOT world with the ESP8266 I have some questions.

I got my example code running fine - a HTML site with a bit javascript as a websocket client. The websocket Server is the ESP which is switching LEDs (at the moment). The library I've used is LINKs Library.

But when we talk about Internet of things we talk about controlling things over the internet - means it has du be encryptet and authenticated. I didn't find much about that. Is any library out that supports WSS + authentication of websockets? Or did I miss something in LINKs library?

thank you and happy coding
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By ncnmra
#40286 I think for wss, you need SSL or TLS. From what I'm seeing, it only "sort of" works on the ESP8266 and Arduino (check out WiFiSecureClient library).

It seems to only work with smaller certificates, and even then, it hasn't been consistent enough for me. For me, the ESP8266 has only limited usefulness for IoT if it doesn't feature easy security.
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By NatroN
#40416 yeah - same thought.

I found libraries supporting WSS as a client - but nothing out ther supporting it as a Websocket server.

Still searching - I'll report back if I find somehting
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By Stein Jonker
#87637 Hello,

I know it has been a while since there has been a post here, but did you find a way to have a wss websocket server? I think I followed the same example you did, and built further upon it, but now I need my website client to have SSL, which means the ESP needs wss aswell.