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By Filipe Pinto
#41473 Hello guys,
I bought this shield on ebay and can not access the configuration. ... 1981792137

Can someone tell me how do I connect this shield to my home wifi network?

I apologize if this post is not in the correct place . Really needed your help. Thank you!!
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By jin7210
#45376 Hello. I bought this shield too and i asked the seller what are the four switches and this is the response i got:
The module on the role of four toggle buttons:
(1) P1 / 2 bit coding is used to determine whether the on-board serial port connected ESP8266 D0 / 1 (Arduino serial port).
(2) P3-bit DIP switch mode selector is ESP8266
When P3 is ON, ESP8266 normal operation mode.
When P3 is OFF, ESP8266 firmware brush to write mode (DFU),
At this point can ESP8266 firmware upgrade.
(3) P4 DIP is under ESP8266 DFU mode onboard LED switch

hope this help
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By idevcic
#46607 I have the same problem. Not sure if I should open a new topic or just write on this one so for now I will write it here. Bought the same WIFI shield, connected it to arduino uno (just on top of it, no additional wires) and used wifi wap example code. Tried playing with switches but all the serial monitor says is " WiFi shield not present". Did anyone make it work?