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By pbecchi
#43887 This is OK : I will update reference to libraries!

Reagarding your run:
I see you have only one RTC !
WWhat is your HW configuration? EEPROM is I2C on the rtc board? But doesnt get reconnised!

Otherwise you have to use last code (branch uploaded yesterday) and declare internal EEPROM emulated on Flash .

After first run it will clear EEPROM and then restart.......I hope!
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By alextu
#44014 hi,
my bad, i thought ds3231 already had eeprom onboard, not that it appears as a separate i2c module
i ve used one of these ... B00HF4NUSS
which probably does not have the eeprom chip, as i ve got some larger rtc bords which seem to have a separate chip onboard, no doubt for this.

i have used commit 8369492fd08c0c585fb3e724e9bbbe4360a24af1 i think, which is on branch PCF8574implementation

i guess i should of used branch modafterupdate?

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By pbecchi
#44029 Hi
if you want to use ESP 8266 EEPROM library (4kbytes in the flash mem.) you have to use ModAfterUpload branch.
Then you can go on just with ESP8266+RTC. Have a look to proto 2 in the pins.h file for the #define
Anyho have a look to the OpenSprinkler web site to have an idea of the hw components necessary for operation of the Open Sprikler station: 3 buttons, an LCD 16x2 + or a shift register cip or an extender like PCF8574

It is possible to use the components you like and the GPIO you prefer as long as you put the right define in the pins.h file.

If you want to look to one of my prototypes there is schematic png file in the github