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By danbicks
#78514 Hi guys it has been a little.

I am still here chugging away at projects.

Currently I am tinkering with ESP32 boards and want to get up and running with what should be a simple implementation, but it seems that I am missing some key parameters.

The overview:

Various clients must connect to a core module using UDP or TCP but must connect and communicate only with the core device through AP connection etc.

The core module will receive information from the clients and push this data to node red in the cloud through standard internet wifi connection "STA" mode.

The problem that I find is this.

If wifi mode is set to APSTA the TCP/UDP server instance seem to bind to STA rather than AP so communication from the clients is not received but only received through the STA IP and not when connected to the AP.

If I configure the mode for AP only, clients connect and send data without any problems.

Is there a way to bind a TCP / UDP server instance to only the AP IP address and allow STA to still communicate normally to the cloud?

Any input on this would be awesome.

Huge thanks hope you are all keeping well.

I am sure Marty or Kolban would have seen this issue.

Kind regards