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By Dirkblaze
#80024 Playing with a server running on NodeMCU ESP8266. Working OK, but

(1) Why do I need to client.stop() every time I process a request? On the next request I resend all the style and HTML to the same client!


(2) using ESP8266WiFi and WiFiServer and WiFiClient how can I identify the INDIVIDUAL client, see the IP, port, page, browser thread, for instance. I'd like to be able to send shorter message to a client who's still on the page I've already sent with all its content. Also manage client's page contents/ thread a little.

So, for instance, instead of repainting the entire screen, I could just send enough HTML to pop up a new Div on his screen, using style sheet already defined.

(3) in general, what are the interesting attributes of the WiFiClient that can tell me MORE about the client? Like maybe, browser, device, page, browser tab etc. Of course, I know about the methods like
client.connected, client.available,, even client.remoteIP (works ok), client.remotePort (doesn't seem to) etc

Thanks for any help!

Not positive this is the place to post this: long time reader, first time poster!
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By QuickFix
#80051 AJAX could be an answer to your problem. :idea: