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By Caio.Viana
#80737 i work on a project where there are 2 esp8266 being the first battery powered and the second connected to an access point, the first esp8266 remains in deeepsleep until it is restarted by a hardware event, so it must send a value to the second esp8266 (connected to the access point), i could connect the first esp8266 to the same access point to send the value to the second esp8266 but the connection time and delay as well as the power consumption during connection is bad.
so I thought about using ESP NOW to communicate the two for being very fast and low energy, but after research I have some doubts about the esp now:

1- Can esp now be used in conjunction with a wifi connection?
I read that the channel of the esp now should be the same as the wifi, but I heard that it only works on channel 1 or 0 is it true?

2 - studying some example codes I realized that the wifi mode is sometimes changed from AP to STA, can this be avoided? because the second sp8266 must remain connected to the access point (STA)

3 - Can I make a broadcast using a broadcasting mac?

I would be very grateful if anyone can answer