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By Michael Poettgen
#90172 I've got a project using the WEMOS D1 mini Lite (ESP-8285) to post some data after deepsleep [framework: arduino, platform: espressif8266 - version: 2.6.2, board: d1_mini_lite]. To connect to the WiFi I'm using the experimental WIFI_SHUTDOWN/WIFI_RESUME APIs. The time to connect to my WiFi is about 3.77 seconds and I was wondering, whether that would be expected timing or whether this is slow, so that I would have to try and figure out, whether I'm doing something wrong here.

The only thing I can see in diagnostic output from the framework is:
Code: Select allfpm close 3
mode : sta(nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn)
add if0
state: 0 -> 2 (b0)
state: 2 -> 3 (0)
state: 3 -> 5 (10)
add 0
aid 3

connected with XXXX, channel N

Any feedback appreciated.