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By landsteph
#63999 In fact, I found another solution : use SPIFFS file system.
I though it was possible to use this space like an EEPROM.
If it's the case, please let me know. SPIFFS is 3Mb vs 4096 b...
I would like to store lot of data.

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By frankygoop
#96046 Hello, I have tried several codes with all possible options with EEPROM " put" and " get" and work fine with Address 0, but wont work with any different address.
I am on board ESP8266 3.1.1,
I tried several older board version down to 2.5.0 and IDE version 1.8.16. nothing works.
Any advise is welcome.
Thank you

I found that in order to write into another address, the EEPROM.begin(XXX) need to include the total amount of necessary memory covering all possible addresses starting from 0 that you expect to write. I mean you can not do two separate EEPROM.begin. Is that the normal behavior?