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By diraniyoussef
#74469 Dear @igrr, thanks a lot for the useful info.
igrr wrote:The only requirement is that the user should be able to link your object code with LGPL libs himself.

Please explain to me as I'm new to these sorts of stuff,
Who do we mean by "user", is it my client I'm selling the esp8266 to?
Is it ok if I notify him to simply contact me whenever he wants the object code?
Is the object code you the .bin file generated when we compile in the Arduino IDE?
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By diego santos
#82163 Hi Igrr, do you have any new about the you fragment for protecto the sketch code ?
much love, Diego

igrr wrote:Sure thing — I was only talking about libraries bundled with the 8266 core. With an exception of SD library these are all LGPL.

Plus, when you use stuff in a commercial project, you may approach library author and ask for different license conditions. I have done this in the past and many folks who are not GPL-crazy will actually be okay with that (sometimes even for free).
This will obviously not work with Adafruit or other companies who need software to be a commodity in order to sell hardware... but then again, i'm sure you will find liberally-licensed alternatives for much of the stuff they release under GPL.
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By PinGuy
#84984 @igrr have you released the piece of code you mentioned years ago at post 26509? I am looking to encrypt a function at runtime and what you described sounds just perfect! TIA