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By igrr
#32136 On October 30 I will be doing major changes to the esp8266/Arduino github repository.
IDE-related code will be removed, leaving only the ESP8266 core, related libraries, and docs.

Commits related to the esp8266 core will be preserved (along with authorship), IDE-related commits will be removed.
This will be done using git filter-branch, so the history will be rewritten.
After these changes, old and new trees will be unrelated, so it will not be possible to merge/pull from old tree to the new one.

  • If you are currently working on changes to the core, libraries, or tools:
    Please try to open a pull request with your changes before October 28 so that these can be reviewed and merged before overhaul happens. If this isn't possible or practical, let me know by dropping a comment in the following issue:
  • If you are using the code from github, without making any changes:
    git pull will not work after this change. You will need either to do a fresh git clone of the new code, or run git fetch && git reset --hard origin/refs/heads/master to reset your local copy to the new tree.
  • If you are installing the boards manager package without working with github code, no action is required.

Reasons for these changes are outlined here:
If you have a suggestion or comment related to these changes, make your voice heard there.

In short terms, the goals are to
  • make our code easier to navigate by removing unrelated IDE code
  • establish versions (tags) not bound to IDE versions (tags) to maintain better versioning scheme
  • make it possible to use Github Releases to distribute boards manager packages
  • keep the list of issues created in esp8266/Arduino repository (yes, lots of them :roll:)
  • reduce repository size (from 1.4G to about 6M)

You can preview what the repository will look like here:
This is not the final state, as some pending pull requests will be merged, some libraries, docs, READMEs, and scripts added.