ESP8266 Webserver Project

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By QuickFix
#69687 There's no need to cross-post your question (it isn't really appreciated either). :roll:

Like in the other thread: for what purpose would anyone would like to do that?
I don't see any reason to use a PIC and an ESP, let alone the way to make them work (using HTML). :?

Tip: drop the PIC and the EEPROM and explore examples (for ESP8266-Arduino core) of SPIFFS and/or SD-card interfacing on the ESP8266 and you'll be playing with Mega - or Giga-bytes of HTML in no time. :idea:
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By Luhan
#69688 Sorry, did not mean to post twice --- 1st time on this system.

I don't do Arduino. I'm set up for PIC programming. Is there a setup for putting some kind of code directly into the ESP? That is something I should explore.

The units I have take AT serial command codes. After trying those out manually with a terminal program, I put some code in a PIC to set up the ESP and load HTML files as a server. I'm sure there are many ways to do this with less 'hardware', but I just love the idea of using just HTML to control how it functions.