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By Ernesto Dias
#74275 I experienced the same problem with both ESP-1 and ESP-12E boards. The 8266 could not sustain a connection for more than 30 minutes. I solved the problem moving from my cable company router (a Huawei) to a Cisco E3000. Everything went into place, but I was not satisfied, of course.
After researching the entire internet - except for chinese and cyrillic pages - I decided to implement some brute force solution. I then included a soft watchdog, hand coded, adapted from the Andreas Spiess blog and returned to the old router to test. The new version is working consistently for 16 days and counting. The log shows that the WD kicked 5 times, the first time at 28min, the second at nearly 3 hours. Curiously the WD has bite after a greater interval each time. The last time about 7 days ago and after that it did not show up. Don't ask me why: I don't have a clue for such behavior.
The soft WD keeps the I/O status and context intact in a way hat the software reset becames transparent for the application.
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By gelo2002
#82543 Hi, I am experiencing this now...
And more interestingly, I have 2 ESP-01 boards, one the "old" green one and one "new" black one (difference in memory).
I use MultiWiFi library to be able to be connected to different routers at different locations. With the Phone AP everything works fine, but when I use router, one board (old one) is connected all the time and second (new one) drops connection all the time...
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By gelo2002
#82544 Hi,
sorry to heat up the topic after so long time, but I cannot find any suitable solution for me and I have been experiencing this issue as well..

So I have 2 ESP-01 boards. One old on green PCB and one new on black PCB.
As far as I know, the old one is 1MB and the new one is 4MB of memory.

So both boards are connected to the same AP and the old one is working just fine, but the new one is braking the connection all the time, or does not connect at all...

Is there a place, you have found maybe your solution to this?

Thanks in advance,