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By Sprite_tm
spacejunkie wrote:Is the server accessible from AP interface only or can it be accessed via the station interface as well?


spacejunkie wrote:Here's an idea I had for tinkering with ESP8266 API which goes well with an embedded web server.
I was thinking of making an "API Playground" for ESP8266. It's basically a GUI to make API calls with custom arguments.

Sounds cool!
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By Sprite_tm
Jostikas wrote:Is heatshrink a necessity or a "nice-to-have"? how much room is there still for application code after esphttpd is flashed in? About 3 cat picture's worth or more? :D I've yet to receive my modules... :cry:

It's a nice-to-have, you can disable it by modifying a define. Also, there's just as much room for code as normally, I'm using the cloud update space for the webstuff.
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By reaper7
#1773 I got error when I try compile in ubuntu (at example compiled without problem)

Code: Select allr7@r7:/opt/Espressif/esp_sources/esphttpd$ make
CC user/cgi.c
CC user/cgiwifi.c
CC user/espfs.c
CC user/heatshrink_decoder.c
/tmp/ccoH9s1I.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccoH9s1I.s:136: Error: literal pool location required for text-section-literals; specify with .literal_position
make: *** [build/user/heatshrink_decoder.o] Błąd 1