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By gipmad
#1978 Ok, found some info on how to interpret that line: viewtopic.php?t=20#p256
So the address I'm looking for is 0x402411a9, and the code is mapped at 0x40240000 ( viewtopic.php?f=6&t=39&p=263#p270 )
Now I'm stuck.. I tried looking in the file (attached here) but can't understand what to look for (11a9, a911, no luck). I placed a few printf on the function that I posted earlier but it doesn't even get there, so it's not that. Wow, there's an IDA plugin too! I'll get into that! :D
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By CheapB
Sprite_tm wrote:CheapB: I haven't looked at the official SDK yet, but apart from some paths that may be different (which you should be able to solve by setting the correct environment variables to override them).

I decided to to try to edit the makefile to fit the official environment.

This is where I got. I have in /home/esp8266/Share/esptool with rwxrwxrwx on the folder and all files.
It does not generate the bin file, but results in the below error message. As this is a virtual image i would actually prefer to end with the bin and not flash the esp from a virtual image. I may just be me, but I dont trust the virtual drivers this much.

esp8266@esp8266-VirtualBox:~/Share/esp8266_iot_sdk/app$ sudo make
make: Warning: File `build/user' has modification time 1.7 s in the future
CC user/cgi.c
CC user/cgiwifi.c
CC user/espfs.c
CC user/heatshrink_decoder.c
CC user/httpd.c
CC user/httpdespfs.c
CC user/io.c
CC user/stdout.c
CC user/user_main.c
AR build/httpd_app.a
LD build/httpd.out
FW firmware/0x00000.bin
make: execvp: /home/esp8266/Share/esptool: Permission denied
make: *** [firmware/0x00000.bin] Error 127
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By CheapB
gipmad wrote:CheapB, just ignore the error. You will find the bin files in the app/firmware folder. Esptool just uploads them, so it's not fundamental. Remember to flash the bin generated with 'make htmlflash' @0x12000.

That what i expected, but firmware is empty...

I have simplified the makefile to remove anything related to the esptool.

I have the sdk in:

The esphttpd in:

and the firmware folder in:

This structure works fine with the examples provided with the SDK.

I have attached my modified Makefile. I had to rename to Makefile.txt to upload to the forum.
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