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By dzindra
#13333 @bjpirt thanks, I did the first attempt in order to see if the code can be decoupled at all - actually it is designed very well, so that was no problem at all. In my opinion, compiling the httpd + espfs as a library (with possible defines for heatshrink, auth and OTA updates) would be the best.

@sprite_tm I have basically same questions as @bjpirt regarding the project contributions and I am definitely willing to help with development.
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By Sprite_tm
#13344 Responses in random order:

@all: I just pushed a change to fix the authentication bug. Seems the walking of the built in URL stuff was broken; everything should work again now.

@bjpirt: At the moment, I like the current setup. If you want to have something changed, send me a merge request by either email or posting it here, and I'll look it over and merge it. Alternatively, if it's something small, you can also make a patch and mail me that. If esphttpd gets so popular we need multiple maintainers, I'll see if I need to change the workflow, but for now, merging doesn't take that much of my time.

@prozac: Great that this works! I'm interested in your changes and will look through the repo.

@dzindra: Having esphttpd as a library actually is one of my goals... one I haven't worked that much towards recently, I fear :X What I'd like is that esphttpd can be added as a git submodule in a project, the same way I've added heatshrink to the esphttpd project. If there's a bug in the httpd code, you can then just pull the newer httpd code and you won't have to merge anything with your project.

@all: I'm all for OTA updates and would like to integrate them in mainline, but I don't like the current setup: writing the app and the espfs contents separately can lead to ugly discrepancies. How about making an unified flashing format thing, which is basically a small wrapper around both images, so we can flash both at the same time?
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By bjpirt
#13351 @sprite_tm I think the main reason for suggesting Github is that it provides an area to discuss bugs / features with you and others in the community before sending a patch (as a contributor there's always a bit of uncertainty that what you're working on is a) going to be merged and b) up to scratch). But the process for adding support for large post requests seemed to work pretty well last time, so I'm happy to do that again, where we work as though my fork was the master and then you pull the changes in when you're happy with them. One issue is that my Github fork becomes the area for collaboration rather than your own, but I don't mind if you don't. Sharing merge privileges isn't something I was suggesting, just being able to have more eyes on incoming code. You'd still be the BDFL :-)

I share a bit of your uneasiness about having a two stage firmware upgrade process, because it would be nice to be able to upgrade the firmware without then having to reflash the espfs image. However, if you want to do it all at once then we'd need to adjust some memory boundaries to make room I think (you'd also have to have smaller espfs images). My explorations into adjusting the memory layout hit a bit of a brick wall because of my lack of knowledge of linker scripts, etc but I daresay you'd get further.

+1 for esp-httpd as a library, and them maybe a separate demo project so people can understand how to integrate it