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By Squonk
longinus wrote:This is awesome! Nice job!

Is there a tutorial that goes a bit deeper into setting the compile environment for gcc, ESP SDK, etc?
There are a lot of information spread around the forum about this, but for a n00b like me I could definitely use a bit more of hand-holding...

Please check the Wiki.
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By spacejunkie
#1678 Looks neat. I made your LED blink a couple of times :)

Is the server accessible from AP interface only or can it be accessed via the station interface as well?

Here's an idea I had for tinkering with ESP8266 API which goes well with an embedded web server.
I was thinking of making an "API Playground" for ESP8266. It's basically a GUI to make API calls with custom arguments.

It would work something like this:
A script would parse the SDK files and build a map of functions, their arguments and return types.
The embedded web server would use this map to generate UI which lists these functions. (this can be pre-computed)
From the UI, one can select any function and pass it the required arguments.
The web server would then do the necessary type conversion, call the actual function and display the result.

It may not work for all functions but for simple functions like GPIO get/set it would work very well.

This will drastically shorten the development cycle by helping you to call the functions with different arguments and check their results without having to go through the code-compile-burn cycle every time. I believe we will see many SDK releases as the current one is not very mature. In this light, the automated SDK parser would come very handy.
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By Reverend_Dave
#1682 The API playground would work wonderfully for me. My project has pretty limited goals, it just involves turning a (battery-powered) streetlight on and off (times about 20 lightposts). Getting A/D working (useful for stuff like battery voltage monitoring) would be a cherry on top of that...