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By Baoshi
#62554 Notice spiffs has been changed since 3.1.0, here is some code from spiffs_sming.c

Code: Select allspiffs_config spiffs_get_storage_config()
   spiffs_config cfg = {0};
   cfg.phys_addr = ( u32_t )flashmem_get_first_free_block_address();
   if (cfg.phys_addr == 0)
      return cfg;
   cfg.phys_addr &= 0xFFFFF000;  // get the start address of the sector
   cfg.phys_size = INTERNAL_FLASH_SIZE - ( ( u32_t )cfg.phys_addr);

   return cfg;

INTERNAL_FLASH_SIZE give me 4177920
cfg.phys_addr give me 1076109312 (0x40242000)
so cfg.phys_size becomes negative number
And subsequently a lot of spi_flash_read fails like
ERROR: ERROR in flash_read: r=1 at 40242000

Anything wrong?