WIFIO is a dual Arduino WIFI module (ESP8266+ATMEGA328P) FCC approve-able with transferable licence. Can use the 328P for I/O expansion also...

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By westjensontexas
#89096 I have evaluated the Sparkfun Thing, Adafruit's ESP board, the ESP board (8 pin version) and the Photon. I have found that I need more horsepower than the ESP modules provide and have paired them with Adafruit Trinkets and Arduino MiniPro. The dual-board combination, as well as the Photon, work well. The advantage of the Photon is the OTA programming and a VERY well structured ecosystem behind it. The photon cost $19 at Qty=1. The dual-board solution is about $16 at Qty=1. It would seem that this board is in line with what the Photon does. Would that be a correct assumption? What is your Qty=1 target price point?
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By jamessbuzzz
#95601 Am I missing something here, to have 2 micro's to program to take advantage of the 328 A>D for additional analogue sensor inputs, surely it would be more permissible to have a decent multi channel A>D on-board and have one micro the ESP which is more powerful and functional than a 328?