WIFIO is a dual Arduino WIFI module (ESP8266+ATMEGA328P) FCC approve-able with transferable licence. Can use the 328P for I/O expansion also...

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By forlotto
#35543 A GPS time server if I understand the project correctly most awesome...
Never adjust a clock again!

Hrmmmm I could think of some other things to do with this as well thanks for sharing your projects I enjoy reading about them.
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By electromania
#42204 It would be great to have this.
I was wondering if there would be any possibility to have DACs , not the PWM type but real 10,12,16 bit DACs. Just the way arduino due has two DACs.
It would be useful to make some projects that require precise analog vtgs.
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By stealthtransam
#49484 Kick-starter is rough between kick-starter and the payment processing they take ~10%. Then you get a lot of negative people on forums like this bashing your product because you calculate in those costs. or saying you can build the device yourself for cheaper. There is always a trade off. Don't be discouraged! my 2 cents is to talk to distributors and try to get them to stock your product on a trial run and go from there. usually making 100 boards is enough to offset tooling and NRE for an initial run.