A Basic Interpreter written from scratch for the ESP8266

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By Mmiscool
#59852 After flashing esp basic with the new flasher it should automatically connect to the serial terminal and display the boot up msgs. Is it possible that it is connecting to your wifi network. If it is it will display the wifi ip address via the serial terminal.
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By dilettante
#59858 What I see in the ESP Basic flasher are the rows of dots up to 100%, and then a few characters of garbage and that's it.

It can't be connecting to my LAN WiFi AP because I have never given it the SSID and passphrase, not even when running other firmware. I.e. the device has never been given my LAN SSID and PW, all testing has been with the ESP8266 in AP mode.

With the Basic firmware flashed I have never seen anything but garbage over serial after flashing, within the flasher tool and in PuTTY no matter what bitrate I choose.

I know the problem must be with me but I can't figure out where I have gone wrong.

Hopefully it isn't just finding some open AP in my area and connecting to that! ;)
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By forlotto
#59927 Did you follow the steps in the beginners guide for troubleshooting that sort of problem?

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By dilettante
#59939 I appreciate the suggestion, but nothing there seems to address the issue. In my case as soon as I flash ESP Basic the device is dead as a doornail.

No WiFi, no serial, no nothing. It just spews a few garbage characters each reset.

If I then flash it with NodeMCU the WiFi is alive and serial works too. I can enter a trivial LUA web server and that works fine.