A Basic Interpreter written from scratch for the ESP8266

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By sentinel
#59621 I know that it is possible to communicate with Thingspeak, but is it possible to send a data string to another website which (in my project is www.on-off.com.au port 4600) is waiting for a 38 byte data string?

Upon receipt of this string, the server will send a short message back to the same IP address.

Is this possible at the moment? Should I use the wget command?

Great concept, btw, Mmiscool :)
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By dilettante
#59688 I assume that's "Telnet" in the loose and floppy *nix sense? I.e. just ASCII over TCP connections?

Or is it proper Telnet that handles the full protocol? RFC 854 and later?

Not whining. Just asking, for future reference.