A Basic Interpreter written from scratch for the ESP8266

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By trackerj
#62643 In the process of working on a new Driver Tutorial for the ESPBasic Series I am looking today to implement some Decimal-to-BCD and BCD-to-Decimal subroutines.

What I have done so far:

1. BCD-to-Decimal subroutine:
Code: Select all    [DEC]
    hv = val >> 4
    hl = val and 15
    val = hv*10 + hl

2. Decimal-to-BCD subroutine:
Code: Select all    [BCD]
    d = int( val / 10 )
    d1 = d * 10
    d2 = val - d1
    val = d*16 + d2

If you have any other idea please feel free to share it, looking forward to see smarter solutions that that. I'm sure they are!

Happy breadboarding,

Original Article with Test Program Code: ESPBasic Series - DEC to BCD and BCD to DEC conversions
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By trackerj
neuronesp wrote:Interesting.
I have been looking at Decimal to Binary conversion as to translate for a string to SPI for a DigiPot.
256 steps of the wiper etc.
Any input welcome.

You can take a look here: ESPBasic decimal-to-binary conversion subroutine code and test program