A Basic Interpreter written from scratch for the ESP8266

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By euclas@gmail.com
#66751 The universe does not speak HTML, What if we want to write on an LCD? On a 7-segment display? OLED? Babylonian Tablets of Babylon ??? In the stone ????
HTML was one of the worst inventions made by mankind.
A machine, when we say to her: "- Write 100 blank characters," she should not be choosing whether or not she wants to show those characters. She simply should obey.
So the option to not show blank characters (HTML thing) is a weakness of the interface.
Internally the ESP8266Basic should obey what the programmer asked for and not what the HTML wants to do. ESP8266Basic would automatically include what was required to fulfill the order.
Impressive, at the end of every command "PRINT" automatically a horizontal line is placed in the browser, and in any BASIC I have ever used in life this happens. Do we need to correct the correlation between real BASIC and the browser interface ???
Would not it be better to do what is basic first? And then move on to more complex interfaces?
Let's think about it ???

I'm sorry if it sounded too critical.

Euclides (Brazil).
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By Mmiscool
Code: Select allWprint "<pre>"
Print "some       stuff"
Wprint "</pre>"

See the following link
W3schools is your friend when it comes to HTML reference.
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By euclas@gmail.com
#66774 Modifying to:

print cdata & "/" & cmes & "/" & cano & " " & cdia & " - &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp" & chora & ":" & cminuto & ":" & csegundo & chr(13)

It Works.

Then, when returning to the code for editing, it appears like this:

print cdata & "/" & cmes & "/" & cano & " " & cdia & " -           " & chora & ":" & cminuto & ":" & csegundo & chr(13)

Where ate the "&nbsp"´s ??????

Programming Oriented to What HTML Wants (POWHW)?

The signs disappear ...

The code has to stay true to what was typed and not converted during any step without the agreement of the programmer. Right?

The other example that Mike sent did not work.

HTML, The "Babel" of languages.

Euclides (Brazil).