A Basic Interpreter written from scratch for the ESP8266

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By Vlad Agri
#70425 Hello,

First of all thank you for this amazing tool, it's very easy to use. This is my second day playing with the esp8266 e12 and it's amazing. Had a bit of experience with PIC programming as well as Arduinos before.

I have a question related to the connection to a router. I have tried entering the credentials in the web interface and for some routers it connects for others no, in the serial monitor i get the "Failed WiFi connect".

Is there any security protocol that is not supported ? (wep/wpa etc) ? Any suggestions why 50% of the connections to router fails ? I noticed that old routers and less security works great, newer routers it fails. If i scan wifi i find the routers ssid (so it's not a matter of signal nor 5ghz networks) even for those that it fails to connect to.

Also a question about the wifi.connect() command. is there a way in the program to check if the connection was successfully ? One way would be to wget something from a knows source and see if you obtain the result but is there any built in function?

The next question is, after connection to a router (that does not has DHCP enabled) how does the ESP know what DNS server to use ? Is the DNS configurable anywhere ?

Thank you