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By robert badiduwitz
#62863 Having played with espbasic for quite a while, and having put together some decent projects using it, it seem like this port is in a constant limbo. There are many unanswered questions from new users that probably just switch to something else after having asked questions and getting no response (literally). The users that used to contribute and the "big dogs" like ccioba or whatever his name was, don't even post anymore, are all gone, very little response from the original developer, the biggest contributors have come across soo many road blocks with no conclusions, etc. I just want to know exactly where the future of this port is going? Is it just a hobby project for the developer or is this going to keep getting worked on so that it will someday become stable? I don't really care if this is really just a fun project or not, but it would be nice to know if the intention for this is serious or not.

It is weird to constantly monitor this forum to see if there are any real updates and fixes or anything going forward. Just for fun, let us know what the future holds for this port before so much more time is spent fiddling with it. PLEASE!!!! Just look at the activity when this first came out (which was VERY exciting by the way) and now. All the active users are pretty much gone or have given up (like I am about to) after so much frustration with little or no resolve.

Ok, I am done ranting. Just would like to know what the future holds for espbasic. Mike has done the impossible and has done a great job at it and I can't imagine doing what he has done. Just would like to know if I (and others) should keep trying to implement it if in future projects if there is not going to be support in the future.

Thanks Mike!
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By heckler
#62866 I too would first like to thank Mike (and others) for what has been created here!
One would assume Mike has gotten busy with life (day job, kids, dogs, etc. etc.) and that is understandable.

Cioccb or what ever his handle was seemed to be an awesome and valuable capable contributor (we miss him!) would like to know why he disappeared? Again... other responsibilities, I suspect.

I would like to see what ever effort remains be spent in making the flashing tool be stable and reliable over adding new features.

I know and respect that life takes precedent at times and that is understandable.
Hopefully this awesome espBASIC will continue as I for one Love what it allows me to do.

Again... Thanks Mike! Please, if you can, fill us in.


But knot knowing is difficult.
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By Mmiscool
#62870 I have been prty bussy lately and have been pretty stumped on the bug that causes a reboot on the seconds save under sertan circumstances.

I do intend on continuing the project. Just been a bit caught up as of late.

I do gope to be more active in the near future. And if there are any c/c++ gurus out there who might be able to help tracking down the second save bug that would be an enourmouse help.

At some point here i also want to start to port the interperter over to the esp32.
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By RichardS
#63447 I commend Mike for his work, however to think someone is going to support and work on a project forever and one that brings in zero income is a little wish full thinking, this is opensource, so..... how about some others picking it up now??? Anyone?