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By cicciocb
#82748 Hi all,
just to inform you that a new Annex version is available and, as usual, you can find it here :
This version (1.38) includes the following features :

- Implemented MQTT
- Implemented FTP
- Implemented PID
- Implemented the Tone generation
- Implemented support for the PUYA flash memory chip
- Possibility to change the MAC address (useful for ESPNOW)
- Improved HTML interactions with the addition of 2 new variables
- Implemented frequency counter
- Implemented some unit conversion functions
- Many stability improvements
- Many minor changes, fixes

Do not hesitate to download and try it.
As always is free and always will be!

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By forlotto
#82928 Ahhh very cool why don't you just take over for Mmiscool as lead dev? Any support for ESP32 yet?