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By kvu
#63768 hello everybody good morning,
i need help of somebody. i am trying to flash espwroom02 which has esp8266 inside. as we know espwroom02 has 2 mb flash. i am generating following files for fota features in my projects.

1) boot.bin -----------------> 0x00000
2) user1.bin ---------------> 0x01000

i am flashing it to the following above locations address as the fota documents describing.
i am chossing the spi flash map size is 2048 (512 + 512 k) option 3 while running the shell scripts here. as if i am choosing 2 MB flash configurations 1 MB will occupy by my programs. so i have another 1 MB flash which i can use it as a user data after 1 MB the documents fota upgrade tells. so my problem is like i have one another configuration binary files which is less than 4k 1 sector. i am flashing that binary file at address 0x100000. and also i am trying to access location 0x101000 also so when i am trying to access the sectror 101 i am getting error. like

reset reason: 0
[E]sec 101 error ..

how to resolve this error......? i am not able to access the address beyond 0x100000 to resolve this issues.......any help appreciated.........i am really stuck there any solutions for this ? how to access the address location beyond 0x100000..........? as beyond 0x100000 i have my other configurations data also and i should be able to access as it is my user data please anyone knows this issues please help me......

thanks in advance......