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By cendev
#2194 First of all, I'd like to thank the admin and all you contributers these efforts.

First time I heard the esp8266 was about a week days ago and just a few minutes later i was registering to this community forum. Long story short : this place is the first place most people will find themselves in the search for esp8266

Since then i've been wandering around the forum and trying to find myself a path. There are great users from novice to pros and there are tons of information available. But sadly, you need to find the first step and the next ones by yourself.

As developers this is not an exception... We face this problem so often, but since there is a community that'll certainly grow rapidly, it's better to start creating some indexes for newcomers.

As i can see there is not enough offical English documentation on the web for these modules or chips. I saw some sdk's and versions on the site. I saw some uploading and compiling tools on the web also and when i clicked their links i found myself in your github :)

Is it possible for admin or other members to create some topics for the newcomers? Like :

esp8266 - sdk v. changelogs /
esp8266 - identify your board - pinouts (for most common versions)
esp8266 - firmware archive (versions of offical firmwares)
esp8266 - firmware upload tutorials (Windows - Linux - Mac)

gonna be playing with my new toys tomorrow. I hope i'll be useful around here :D

It was a long post, i know :oops: Thanks for your precious time and support :)

IMPORTANT note : I can't express how silly I feel :oops: Just after posting this i saw the link to the wiki.. Which holds the answers for my most questions.. For people who was in a rush like me and couldn't see it, the link is :

Many thanks..
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By sej7278
#2199 the wiki doesn't have all the info you need.

there's a lot of incorrect info on this forum and it would be nice for the correct stuff to be stickied or copied to the wiki.

stuff i've found that is incorrect for some reason (maybe from obsoleted firmware or lost in translation?):

* RST (or all 4 middle pins) should be held high. on my board that'll cause a bootloop.

* The module uses 150mA. that's complete rubbish. my modules won't connect to wifi unless they've got a 5v 1A supply with a regulator. usb power does not work.

* AT+CWMODE=3 is the preferred mode of operation. my modules won't connect to wifi at all unless they are set to use mode 1.

* AT+CIUPDATE doesn't work at all with the cloud firmwares. always fails after step 1.

* None of the AT+whatever=? status queries work.

* AT+CWLAP doesn't work at all in any firmware.

I also can't get to work without resetting the device before and between flashing 0x00000.bin and 0x40000.bin (even the fork with the 220r resistors on DTR/RST doesn't work for me) so the Makefile doesn't work. i have to run, power on the device with GPIO0 low, reset, then run again.
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By RichardS
#2252 Thanks guys!

So.... yes it growing too fast!

I will be starting an official WIKI tied to this site in the next few days, so you 2 are volunteers? :D

No worries, we have a bunch of experts in our midst and am sure we can grow a hell of a WIKI soon!

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By picstart1
#2479 This board is helpful but sometimes it can waste time. The wasted time comes about when things don't work either, never were going to work or not working in specific circumstances.
Maybe a " things found not to work" section would be helpful.
This isn't to discourage contributors for it is understandable that they can't test donated software on every possible platform
( linux mac PC 32bit 64bit baud rate zetc) nevertheless a statement like only tested on linux with the OS flavor is often left out of the description.
The firmware seems to be very fickle ( dependant) especially as to the upload vehicle and the initial baud rate and very often this dependency isn't discovered or disclosed.
Something like firmware name and version v is verified as working with upload tools tools a b c.... on platform x with os y
If the firmware responds to AT ..OK it would past muster as being verified ( earn a yes) in the above table if the administration set it up
Members would update the table and the yes /no score would be available for several platforms .
Something with 99 no's and one yes for your platform would not be for the faint of heart.