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By RichardS
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Voting starts at March 15th 11:59PM GMT-5

Please vote for your top 3 favorite ESP8266 Designs

All votes are hidden until end of voting period.

Each user can vote for 3 entries each.

Select 3 entries and press SUBMIT VOTE button.

You can change your vote while voting is in progress.

Voting is for Registered Users, if you are registered before 2/29/2016 you can vote right away, if you registered after 2/29/2016 then you need to have 3 moderated posts to the community. I suggest that you view all the entries and ask questions to your top 3 picks in the corresponding topic, this would be an excellent way to get those 3 moderated posts!

Entries are here viewforum.php?f=152

Voting is here viewtopic.php?f=50&t=8832

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By Barnabybear
#42195 Hi, cool - I'm working on one now which I'll be posting.
It would be interesting to know what limitations people ran into, just in general but to have comments from people who have the 32 as to could these be overcome with the 32.
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By nikant
#43273 I understand that posted entries are randomly displayed from page to page but this causes an entirely new problem.. As I viewed page after page I saw some entries 2 or 3 times. That also means that I missed some since they were moved in the back pages :|