ESP8266 WIFI SoC! General News

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By jeffie_3
RichardS wrote:New website that is dedicated to Everything ESP releated!

Signup to add your ESP8266 or ESP32 project to the site for the world to see.

I signed up and never got an email to verify my account. I tried to sign up again. It would not let me.
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By Ed_Caneda
#86748 Hi Everyone!

I just sign in today. I been using ESP8266 for simple application but I needed more information as I got a chance this COVID-19 quarantine.

Please help me navigation the community forum.
Any suggestion where to start?
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By christimro
#89719 Hello! I bought an ESP 8266 -01 wifi relay whit a preloaded software by :

SDK version:0.9.2
mode : sta(18:fe:34:0c:73:54) + softAP(1a:fe:34:0c:73:54)
add if0
add if1
dhcp server start:(ip:,mask:,gw:
bcn 100

of course flickering LED relay board showed up right the way but this is not my concern. I built up my own flashing programmer and pressing the rest button I got the info that I have wrote up and now I am wondering.
Do I need to re-flash the firmware again or just a " ON OFF " sketch?
I presume the AT communication is not working as the firmware was erased.
I have red about VOWSTAR and softAP but my option is to follow simple application like ON OFF switch.
As I am new in this microchips and programing word I need some advice, please!