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By Juweh
AcmeUK wrote:A bit of advice that is repeated time and time again by various board members:-

If you are new to esp8266 DO NOT use the 01 variant.

Use either the Nodmcu or the Wemos D1 Mini.

It will save you time and trouble and make your introduction to the esp8266 a joy!

Thank you for your feedback. I've used the NodeMCU and it worked perfectly. Now i need to know if its possible to use ESP01 for the same goal.
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By rudy
Is it possible to upload the same code that i used from NodeMCU?

Yes the code can be the same. The issues are related to having adequate power and not having glitches on the power line. There is no room for sloppy execution. The ESP8266 is quite demanding as far as power requirements.