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By Mmiscool
#59014 If you goto the esp basic web site and lookat the documentation it has the functions for specicifying the type of dht moduel and the pin it is used on. There is also functions to retrive the temp and humidity.
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By Pierre
#64794 Thanks for the nice guide, it helps a lot as I am a complete novice with regards to the ESP8266 and this version of basic is vastly different to the old Sinclair basic I am used to from many years ago. Just a few questions.

Question 1
You are referencing to for example "Earlier than version 3.17" Does this mean Basic V 3 Build 17? I see mine says ESP Basic 3.0.Alpha 69 in the flashing tool.

Question 2
On the same topic. How do I determine what is the latest version of build? It would also be nice to get a procedure to follow on how to update to the latest version. I tried the OTA method as described in the guide, but a got a update failed and my interpreter was corrupt afterwards and I had to flash it again to get it working. I tried it a few times with the same results.

Question 3
Is my assumption correct that reading pins with "IO(PI,{PIN})" you will read the current status of the pin when it is used as an input and not what the current state is after you used it as a output. In other words, you cannot use the function to see if you have switched the output on or off. You must use a variable to store the state after you executed and output.

Thanks again
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By forlotto
#64815 3.0 alpha 17 I believe is the correct method.

It shows you the version when you are using the flasher. And it shows you the version in the interpreter I am sure it is likely something simple like you are not allowing a restart I will say the OTA update was designed for 4MB flash. Keep this in mind OTA seems to work fine here last time I tried it, dunno would have to investigate further to see if I could recreate the problem if you could make a video or explain in depth everything you are doing maybe we could get you fixed up.

Curious to know if others are having issues with ota? I am currently considering mirrors in case this host runs into issues as well but for now it seems ok.

And it don't sound like you are assuming it sounds as if you are reading correctly