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By nedudgi
#72868 [quote="Charles S"
Thank you for the quick reply. What I would like to do, is have one ESP as the AP, and another as a station (if that's possible... ie. no router). Obviously, both ESP's can't have the same address (""). If I change the station to something like "" will that work? If it will, how do I change the ip address to ""? Anyway, that's my thought process. :)[/quote]
Yes, it will work. Go to the "SETTINGS" page, and set the "IP (STA or AP mode):" to .
Save settings, and restart your ESP.
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By Charles S
#72975 Thank you VERY much for the reply. You are correct, it does change the IP address on the SETTINGS Page. No idea why that didn't work before. Of course, one more question... So, now the IP is, how do I use it? I restart the ESP, connect to it, and enter "" into the address bar. I get "Can't reach this page". To use the ESP, I must enter "". What am I doing wrong?
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By Electroguard
#73478 ESP broadcasts its AccessPoint (AP) SSID on the specified IP address for wifi connection.
The default IP address is which can only be browsed to if that wifi conection has been made.
If you change the IP, address then the original SSID at the original IP address is no longer valid or reachable, so you need to reconnect wifi to the new SSID of the same name which is now at the new IP address.
Only when you have made a valid wifi IP connection can you make a browser connection to the wifi address.

Depending on how you intend your 2 nodes to communicate without a router you may need to also change the default gateway IP to point to each others address.