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By Mmiscool
#64010 This script was for esp basic v2.

V2 did not require commas when defining gui items such as buttons.

I highly suggest looking at the script and porting it to v3.
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By amir prince
#64044 Hi,
thank you very much for the answer, its a really good code but my programming skills are not that great.
im looking for a device and code like that for my fish tank.
can you help me to setup this code for V3 so i can use it with both sensros and 2 relays ? that will be great

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By Electroguard
#64060 If you download and use V2, the script may run 'as is'.

But please don't consider creating a fish tank thermostat - it is not going to run 100% without ever any hiccups... so you will inevitably either kill your fish, or cause them avoidable distress and misery.
Esp_Basic can be great fun, but you wouldn't seriously consider creating a heart pacemaker with it for yourself, nor should you consider putting other life at risk with it.