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By forlotto
#50516 I am having trouble getting a good view of your attachment.

But yes it would be great the more we can share in this manner the more we all can improve use base and use case. The limitations of use are really limited by our own creative skills the more views we get on things the more potential that open ideas can give birth to improvement in creative skills for all.
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By NeilCee88
#50518 Hi forlotto, thanks for your interest, attached are photos taken with mobile so not really pro but you get the idea. It's a sweet little board to play with the esp8266-01..I'm now turning my attentions to the 07 models as I have 3 and they need I'll be putting something together for them soon. I know ebay is the great source for breakout boards for pennies / cents but were's the fun in that ? :)
I'm just loving ESPBASIC.....
Bye for now :D
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By forlotto
#50535 Wow nicely done board looks kind of retro I like it. Thanks for sharing!

PS, yes basic can be fairly addictive and consuming of time but I could think of worse things to spend your time doing :P

Its all been a learning curve for me personally I enjoy it very much so. I have one project that keeps giving me new hurdles to learn how to overcome hopefully I find a method that is a workable solution and am able to keep it as a universal solution for this device.