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By fsae99
#50411 I'm working on a project and I need to determine the rpm of a prop underwater.

I'm hoping some of the smart folks here can help me with a solution.

I think CiccoB did an example of a tachometer and other gauges but I could not find it.

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By Mmiscool
#50421 Do you need the javascript to make the the gauge widget on the web page or code to capture the rpm of the motor from a sensor of some sort?
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By fsae99
Barnabybear wrote:Hi, sounds like a fun project but we are missing some real details. Please give us half a chance of helping you.
Material of the prop.
Speed of the prop.

Prop material is a hard plastic. Expected RPM range is to be between 250 and 2500 RPMS.

I really am looking for help on getting a sensor solution that would work. Today I'm going to try using a

TSAL7400 IR LED and LTR-4206E Phototransitor to see if it work underwater. a basic beam break counter.