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By Mmiscool
#50519 I just need to see about digging that out. There will also need to be some javascript and some web sockets code. There are a few undocumented web sockets functions wich can be used to update custome made javascript widgets like this.
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By NeilCee88
#50520 HI, just a thought, would a hall effect sensor be of any use?
example, small rare earth magnet attached (securely) to the prop, hall effect sensor situated in close proximity. This would give a stream of pulses proportional to the rotation speed of the prop. This method is employed in car engines of various manufacturers to monitor the rotational speed of the flywheel.

Hope this gives food for thought.
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By trackerj
#50549 Why do you want to measure prop speed IN the water? Usually is done inside the boat (or inside the outboard motor case) on the propeller shaft. Any optical encoder or hall sensor can be good for a basic setup.