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By forlotto
#54217 I am awaiting this in a cabinet I am curious to see the final look of this thing it does have a slight appeal to me I may consider doing this myself for my electronics repair room would be a fun thing to have in there and it would fit very nicely.

Hrmmm wha oh now we are doing DHT as well :P

Would be nice if you shared a parts list that was specific and code that was specific to fit your specific hardware and links to items being sold etc watched the video the other night seems like seconds should handle just fine as I said it has to be done with a timer routine or it would not work you couldn't scrape time and report back fast enough but this code is of more interest to me as time is such a precious commodity and the need for it is far reaching in this day and age. The methods of handling automated things based off of time are important to most anyone trying to automate anything to a higher degree and keeping time is important and in this case even fun!

Any espbasic automatic throttles when it detects the green light errr forget what they are called but I knew people who had these installed in their drag cars something that would detect the green light and automatically hammer down on the throttle. Doubt they do the same for circle track but dunno?

Take care and enjoy,

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By russm
#54277 I plan on working on the case this weekend. I provided a link to a free meter label generator in the first post. I plan on making a single label that crosses all 3 meters in the end and have a clear acrylic front panel masked off to just show the combined meter face. If I make enough progress this weekend I'll post some pictures.

Here is the components list:
1x Nodemcu
3x 5k trim pots
3x 1mA panel meters

If you want solder it up:
1x protoboard similar to one shown
2x female headers for Nodemcu
3x 2 pin female headers for meter connection on the board
3x 2 pin male headers for connection on meter side
Cat 5 wiring works fine for solder and meter hookup if you have some around.

The wiring is literally so simple, I can't justify making an actual PCB. :) I love that!

Oh, it's called a Christmas tree for drag racing. Not my thing but fun to watch. I also like to do something besides turn left. :)
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By russm
#54340 Cut out the basic box for the clock along with the back. Also have a clear piece of Lexan which will be painted to only show the meter face. This picture shows the three meters, I will make one single meter face which crosses all of them. The Lexan will go over the front. The meters will sit higher in the box.

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By forlotto
#54359 An old school 555 lamp with a lamp socket would be a nice touch for a light :P Used in coin op service still you can pick them up still I'd bet they are 5v lights although I do prefer the look of the LED daylight light myself. Errr come to think of it I think they were lit already ... in the video.