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By Luc Volders
#65622 I know I am not allowed to crosspost but maybe the guys that do look inside this subforum do not look at the IOT forum.

I just made a alarm that sends a twitter message to your Phone/Tablet when someone enters a room.

The electronics are simple: just a NodeMCU with a control led and a PIR.


Basic program is just 16 lines of code !!!!

That is right 16 lines of code is enough to detect a movement with a PIR and send a message to twitter !!!!
Well.... the message is send to IFTTT which send a message to twitter. Nevertheless amazing.

Find the project here: ... ifttt.html

Complete with source code, breadboard layout, schematics and STL file for printing your own casing.

Luc Volders
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By bugs
#65653 [quote="Luc Volders"
Find the project here: ... ifttt.html
Luc Volders[/quote]

Hi - I went there and read the article (thanks) and was interested in this IFTTT that you used, so read your previous blog articles about it. I was able to create a free account ok but failed at the next step on your page where it says "First click on the tab 'My Recipes'" - I cannot find any tab like that and searching for "recipes" does not help!
Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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By Mmiscool
#65654 I just read that blog post. It was very nice.

Only thing I would have done differently is use an interupt on the pin trigger from the pir sensor. To prevent the device from being in a constant loop state.

Other than that I have to commend Luc Volders for making an excellent tutorial.