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By Luc Volders
#65662 Thanks Mike !!!

Couldn't have done it without you ;)

I hope you keep devellopping Basic because it is really great and easy to work with.

I have been experimenting a lot lately and have some great projects coming up.
Amongst then speech recognition in a very easy way !!!!

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By Luc Volders
#65663 Hey Bugs,

IFTTT has been altering their pages in the last weeks/months.
The icons have altered and the method of working also however it is basically the same.

On the top of the page it says "SEARCH"
there you can search for Maker (new logo) or IFTTT
It is now called Maker webhooks.

Start by getting the Maker credentials (key)
then start a new applet, choose maker and from there on it is almost identical.

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By bugs
#65671 Thanks for that, Luc. I have muddled through their giant icons. I much prefer windows 7 style to all these win 10 / mobile phone images on my 22 inch screen! :evil:
Anyway, OT rant aside, I can now duplicate your BASIC action and cause something to happen via IFTTT.
Much more playing required but thanks again for the pointers here and on your blog... :)