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Controlling monchrome, and NeoPixel strings

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:05 pm
by daleschultz

I am just starting this project. I have been writing code using Visual Basic for decades and am pleased to see basic available on the ESP8266.

I have already installed an Arduino project on an ESP8266 and got it working with a Neopixel light strip. I am able to control the pixels using UDP called from another computer on the network fine. I do however want to control the API syntax so that it matches the syntax I created for RemoteSign (https://remotesign.mixmox.com/) which uses a plain TCP connection which is kept open.

I will be controlling both monochrome LED strips as well as neopixel strips (though not from the same ESP8266), and I also plan on making a RemoteSign version using one of the small screens that is available.

Looking at the language reference, it appears that this may all be possible using MMISCOOL's Basic .

My requirements are:
Once programmed (via the browser IDE), when it boots up it should:
- Connect to my wifi network (I am ok with placing the SSID and password into the code)
- Listen for a TCP connection
- When TCP connection is made, accept, parse and reply to commands and carry out the instructions requested by the commands.
Such instructions would be to (say) dim, GPIOs, drive a NeoPixel string, send text to a display.[/*]
The command reference suggests that UDP is possible, not sure about TCP. I may be able to do with UDP as there seems to be some reply gestures.

In other words I wont need to be building a GUI for a browser to control it, once running, all commands will come in directly on a port I choose.

Does anyone see any problem with this scheme?

PS its all for model trains: https://cabin-layout.mixmox.com/