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By Mmiscool
#45009 Can you post an exact link to the library you used?

I am integrating this in but as functions rather than commands.
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By Mmiscool
#45256 The new build uploaded yesterday has functions for retrieving the temperature and humidity from a dht 21.

Will return the temperature reading in celsius from the sensor.

Will return the humidity

Compute heat index in Fahrenheit.
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By joeman2116
#48117 Good morning,

I recently started working with the espbasic and the thermostat project
I wired up an esp12 dev board v1 and the temp sensor db1820.
The project runs and temperature is correct, also set point adjustments work and the heater goes on and off as it should.
My problem is no matter what pins i try . I cannot make any pins turn on or off when the heater goes on or off.
Sounds so simple to fix, but have tried for hours and there does not seem to be a pin which turns on / off when the heater stat changes.
1. my db1820 data pin is connected to d4 - gpio2 - and temp works fine.
2. Cant find correct pin to connect led or relay to turn of /on
3. I tried the setup on another esp12 dev board with exact same results.
4. I tried to connect my test led to d4 - where the temp sensor data input is connected but it causes the led to flash on and off with every refresh.


After reviewing the options for pins, I found that I could use "D" as the pin identifier -

example po D1 0 or po D2 0 etc
D1 being the actual pin number and 0 or 1 for a low and high

Just remember do not use D3 = gpio0 with one wire or esp8266 will not boot and relay etc will hang..