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By Mmiscool
#33389 Posted this under the examples page. ... ostat.html

There will be plenty more to come.
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By heckler
#34028 OK, I think I figured out that the "temp" command is where the code is communicating with the ds18b20.

I don't believe I saw that command listed in on the website in the command documentation.

Where are the new BASIC commands being documented???

I think there is also a command to interface to an OLED display and I did not see that one either.

(unless I am blind... which is totally possible!)
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By Rotohammer
heckler wrote:Where are the new BASIC commands being documented???

First its documented in the source code, then soon after here in the forum, then later in the docs and examples pages as Michaels time permits.
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By Mmiscool
#34352 Temp command has found a home on the hardware interface help page. ... mands.html