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Re: Thermostat

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:46 am
by forlotto

There was a bug found in parsing with websockets having the semicolon ...

You may want to try the latest version alpha 7 and see how it fairs.

They are still looking for bugs that are causing this problem in parsing but one of those bugs is nailed currently while it may not fix your problem it is a step towards fixing it.

My guess is that they are not that far away from uncovering the operator which is causing the HTML info not to display.

If I were mmiscool I would look for mistakes in the HTML handler the wprint handler and the Websockets handler there is something causing this issue.

But Joeman could you please test your code out on 3.0 alpha 7 it is critical that you do so to know if the issue was fixed or not.

To get the latest version:

Enjoy just bare with us this is a community effort and you are a part of that!

Re: Thermostat

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:56 pm
by joeman2116

Ok thanks for info.

I flashed the esp with the latest v3 A8.

Ran the code and no change.
No background colour
No tables / box

' version 3 A8


let curr = 0
let setp = 30
let stat = On

wprint |<HTML>|
wprint |<HEAD>|
wprint |<h2>WiFi Eco Thermostat test 1</h2>|
wprint |</HEAD>|
wprint |<body bgcolor="grey">|

wprint |<table align="center" width='320' bgcolor="lightblue" border='6' cellpadding='5'>|
wprint |<th><h2><b>WiFi Eco Thermostat test2</h2></b></th>|
wprint |<th</th></table><br>"
wprint |</BODY>|
wprint |</HTML>|

Button "Setpoint", [setpt]
textbox setp
wprint |<br>|

wprint "CurrTemp="
wprint htmlvar(curr)
wprint |<br>|

wprint "Heater="
wprint htmlvar(stat)
wprint |<br>|

button "Exit", [quit]
timer 4000, [refresh]


let stat = "On"


let stat = "Off"

wprint "<head>"
wprint "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='5;URL=/input?'>"
wprint "</head>"

curr = temp(0)
if curr < setp then goto [on2] else goto [off2]

timer 0
wprint "<a href='/'>Menu</a>"

Re: Thermostat

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:14 pm
by forlotto
Interesting thanks stay tuned! Yet another bug must have been found on A8 now instead of A7 at the time of posting won't be long things should be getting ironed out.

Re: Thermostat

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:25 pm
by jlbachiochi
Using 2.24.
When I clip on 'Exit', this line...

wprint "<a href='/'>Menu</a>"

gives me an error...

Syntax Error; Label or argument missingMenu