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By SoC
#34648 you can use twitter as your server.
there should be an esp8266 example how to read twits. just parse the twit after reading.

- post a twit
- esp read your twit
- esp act according to your twit.

you can also make esp to post a twit as an acknoledgment.
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By Ashish8826
#34775 After doing lot of research again - i figured using mqtt protocol might be best option here.

Trying the same at the moment.

Have already created account at cloudmqtt - which acts as broker and downoaded an android app which acts as a client/publisher. i am able to send and recieve msgs between the two.

Now only need to write a sketch for esp so that it acts as a client - and sends/recieves msg to/from cloudmqtt.
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By forlotto
#34788 Interesting might I ask you to share your project with the community here when you get things figured out.

Make a list of parts and create a guide and include code etc.

Don't matter what the project does it is the example that helps people learn and answers a lot of questions.

We need more project examples with good instructions would be an excellent way of paying it forward to mmiscool and his project.